~ Day 104

My 27 Thanks~

1. We had a good time at nana and papa kurts.

2. I found my luggage.

3. B and I were able to board the first plane.

4. Though we were delayed, I’m thankful for the safety precautions the pilots take during thunderstorms.

5. We had an open seat next to us.

6. The enjoyable conversation with the man next to me.

7. B was very patient as we waited on the tarmac for takeoff.

8. B slept the whole plane ride.

9. She didn’t throw up this time.

10. We are flying home to be with Jared.

11. Jared had several meetings today.

12. We arrived safely into Tulsa.

13. Teresa was able to pick us up from the airport while J was in a meeting.

14. All our bags arrived safely.

15. We had yummy ribs for lunch.

16. B was reunited with daddy.

17. I got to talk with my girl, Audra.

18. I’m home.

19. Frisco boy took a nap with me.

20. J put B to bed while I relaxed on the couch.

21. He loves her so much.

22. He had a good meeting tonight.

23. We got to watch a movie together.

24. The cinnamon toast that J made me.

25. My good phone meeting.

26. Jared cleaned the house.

27. Brooklyn messed it up with her playful self 😉



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