~ Day 103

My 28 Thanks~

1. I’m with my baby girl!!

2. I made it safely to Houston.

3. My flight schedule confusion was all cleared up quickly.

4. Free inflight beverages.

5. Free inflight pretzels. I like them better than peanuts.

6. Southwest Airlines does a great job

7. My best friends love their jobs at SW.

8. I reap the benefits from their jobs 😉

9. The SW employees helped me out a ton today.

10. I’m hangn with my mom and stepdad.

11. Getting to relax in Houston.

12. I had a good amount of time to read my book on the plane.

13. We can keep our electronic devices on all the time on flights now! Spoiled.

14. I had an entire row to myself on my first flight.

15. B gave me a big smile and the happy dance when she saw me at the airport.

16. My hug I received from her.

17. We got to visit papa Kurt at his work.

18. His assistant gave B a cute gift for her birthday.

19. Nana bought B some really cute clothes.

20. The patience I have when my precious toddler wants to throw herself on the ground in protest of being in a store for to long.

21. Chick-fil-a today. Mmmmm.

22. And sushi!! Not combined though.

23. B and I had some funny tent moments.

24. She loves to eat fruit.

25. I got to spend dinner time with my mom and Kurt.

26. Mom let me borrow her stuff since my luggage is hanging out somewhere in Dallas.

27. The kindness I extended towards the undeserving baggage delivery guy.

28. The nice cozy bed I’m going to go sleep in.



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