~ Day 102

My 28 Thanks~

1. I get to see my baby girl tomorrow!

2. I had a good nights sleep.

3. The free bag of Skittles pastor Steve gave me.

4. The cold pop he makes me test out to make sure the pop machine is running cold enough.

5. The Rangers have Prince Fielder on their side now.

6. All the hits Ian Kinsler gave us. Hope he enjoys Detroit.

7. Prince Fielder will be at fanfest. I hope.

8. I had a gift card to use for lunch.

9. I got shopping done for our young adult thanksgiving dinner this wknd.

10. Jared got his work laptop in. Now he can stop using my laptop 😉

11. Sweet time with the Lord this morning.

12. Hearing from Him.

13. How strong my girl, Kristin, is.

14. Had a good conversation with her today.

15. The prayers from my friend, Christie.

16. She helped confirm something for me today.

17. Jared read me some funny stuff.

18. Jared is laughing so hard he is snorting.

19. Blues music.

20. Blues music while I eat my BBQ.

21. Jared brought me dinner at work.

22. We had a fun night with our young adult class.

23. Ginger brought a funny game to the class.

24. The friendships that are being built.

25. A friend is stepping out and being brave.

26. Teresa made more caramel popcorn balls.

27. I got to eat one.

28. Her mad talents at cooking.



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