~ Day 100 of Thanks!!

The triple digits have officially been hit!! How exciting is that!! I will say that these past 100 days have gone by pretty fast. So many things have come along that I am so grateful for. Ironically, Day 100 has been a day that has brought along a big opportunity for my life. My passions and dreams have been given an open door to soar into greater heights. I am honored to be given the chance to thrive in my passions and talents alongside great men and women.

I read an article that I feel is worth sharing to women who feel they are meant for more than where they are right now in life. Pursuing passions and dreams can happen now. It doesn’t have to wait until later in life. If they have been laid down for a long time they CAN be picked back up. It is never to late to go after your hearts desire. So if you have the time, I encourage you to read this article. It really hit home for me.

What My Mother Taught Me

My 28 Thanks~

1. Watching Jared put Minnie Mouse together and sweetly put away B’s toys. He is such a good daddy.

2. My friend Christie, for posting the mother-taught article. It came at a much needed time.

3. Bloggers and authors out there who take the time to hear from the Lord and write down what He gives them.

4. Jared wrote a new worship song.

5. I had a free lunch.

6. God has given me the patience to make it to Day 100 😉

7. The opportunity I have been blessed with to write this blog.

8. The Lords incredible timing.

9. The honor of being considered for great roles.

10. How the Lord works in my favor.

11. Leaders who see my potential.

12. My hearts passions.

13. God opens the right doors, and closes the wrong doors.

14. He always gives us answers when we seek out direction.

15. I have so many things to be thankful for in 100 days!

16. I received a hilarious text from a friend that I needed today.

17. We both have the same weird sense of humor.

18. J and I got to try out a new mexican restaurant.

19. Our little girl is having so much fun at nana’s house.

20. Kristin got my flight schedule all worked.

21. She is a huge blessing to our family.

22. B got to eat donuts with nana.

23. She doesn’t even seem to miss us. lol. I know I shouldn’t be thankful for that, but it makes it easier on me knowing that she is having such a good time even though she is away from us.

24. I had a good conversation with a well respected leader.

25. The leadership over our denomination.

26. My Frisco boy who is cuddling with me while B is away.

27. Listening to empowering chick songs 😉

28. Watching friends live out there God given dreams.



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