~ Day Ninety Nine

My 27 Thanks ~

1. It’s the 83rd anniversary of Harvest Church!

2. This great church has been around for so many years.

3. We celebrated our 80 and 90 year olds. They are a treasure to know.

4. They have lived fulfilling lives.

5. I have Godly women who I admire and look up to.

6. We had a great celebration service.

7. Many people have attended Harvest for so many years.

8. We have a great pastor leading the congregation.

9. We had a family style lunch afterward with our church family.

10. We had a lot of people volunteer to help with the lunch.

11. There was a ton of food.

12. There are some awesome ladies who can cook like Julia Childs. Mmm good.

13. Teresa and other ladies decorated the tables so nicely.

14. My mom and stepdad were able to attend.

15. I got a caramel popcorn ball! Teresa makes em so good.

16. We had the rest of the day to relax.

17. B likes to put on makeup with her mommy.

18. B and I played pretend picnic with her new toys.

19. She was excited all day to go to nanas house.

20. It made my life easier knowing that B was excited to go to nanas for the week. My momma’s heart was feeling a little sad knowing she would be away.

21. They made it safely to their destination.

22. She slept on the airplane. Made it an easy flight for nana and papa Kurt.

23. Jared and I got to watch movies together.

24. I got to talk to one of my best friends.

25. The way God confirms things to her. Sometimes it makes me laugh.

26. Christmas plans are becoming more clear.

27. Our neighbourhood is putting up their Christmas lights!



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