~Day Ninety Eight

My 28 Thanks~

1. Today is B’s big birthday party!

2. We are celebrating her 2nd birthday.

3. Family on my moms side and Jareds side were able to attend.

4. Mom, B and I got to go to the donut shop first thing.

5. We all 3 went in no make-up. It was a bonding moment.

6. Brooklyn likes biscuits and gravy. A true southern girl.

7. The biscuits and gravy were extra yummy.

8. Pinterest… for all the Minnie Mouse ideas.

9. I had a stress free day.

10. Jared and Kurt went and helped my cousin Amee move on their days off.

11. No one got hurt.

12. Amee is going to live in a better house.

13. The house looked nice for B’s party.

14. We had some fun for her birthday.

15. Walmart made me some delicious, cheap cupcakes. Yes, Walmart. I have bought my cupcakes from them for a couple of years now and I am never disappointed. Everyone always likes them.

16. I listened to the Lord’s voice and called a friend who needed a friends support.

17. God has great things in store for my friends.

18. I got to talk to my old roomie!!! I love it when I get to skype with my Audra over in Egypt.

19. We always have some laughs that leave me feeling happy after the call.

20. God is using her and her husband in great ways in ministry.

21. Our family is so great to show up to a 2yr olds bday party 🙂

22. Brooklyn received a ton of cool gifts.

23. She is going to be able to donate some “old” toys to other kids now.

24. We got some good pics of the evening.

25. Lasting memories.

26. Jared and I ran across some old videos when I was pregnant until now.

27. The laughs we had watching them.

28. All the people in the videos who make our life so great.




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