~Day Ninety Six

My 28 Thanks~

1. B took a 3hr nap which helped me get a lot of work done.

2. I found a new yummy recipe.

3. The meal turned out to be pretty good.

4. Jared had a good meeting.

5. Our Christmas dishes that J and I painted turned out really good.

6. The nice comments we received from the people that enjoyed our paintings.

7. They put out Groupons for us to save money with.

8. Jared likes to paint with me.

9. Jared is good at painting.

10. We have found a great date place at the Purple Glaze.

11. We have made some lasting memories there.

12. We get to take home our funny memories in the shape of funny painted sculptures.

13. I found the perfect balloons for B’s bday party this wknd.

14. I have majority of her party stuff completed.

15. The fall candle in my house smells great.

16. Pastor Steve made some awesome deer jerky and shared it with me.

17. The provision of that yummy deer.

18. I finished my book.

19. It was a good book!

20. B received a cool bday gift in the mail from Uncle John and Aunt Christie.

21. She enjoyed playing with it and making animal noises.

22. The technology of shopping from home on your computer, in your pajamas.

23. I ordered some cool Christmas presents online.

24. Free shipping!

25. I am feeling more secure in myself to not wear makeup out of the house. But don’t worry, I’m not “letting myself go”.

26. Watching my show with my man.

27. Family time.

28. It’s another day closer to Christmas.




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