~Day Ninety Seven

My 27 Thanks ~

1. We woke up early (more so B woke up early) and we all went to get donuts.

2. Hearing B call donuts “nuts”. I hope I always remember that.

3. Brooklyn loves donuts. Let’s be honest… we all love donuts.

4. Frisco’s bad haircut is growing out now. He doesn’t look like a cross between a schnauzer and a bat.

5. The house was decently clean so I got to relax today.

6. Brooklyn ate really well today. It’s been a struggle lately.

7. Watching Frisco and B beginning to play more.

8. My mom and Kurt came in town tonight.

9. The yummy enchiladas that I made.

10. Brooklyn got to hang out with her papa mick.

11. We all had lunch together.

12. Brooklyn is getting better on her potty training.

13. Brooklyn and daddy painted pretty pictures.

14. Hearing her say “greeps” for grapes.

15. She got to open up some fun birthday presents from nana and papa Kurt.

16. She loved her new toys. Played with them all night.

17. We are excited for her bday party tomorrow.

18. The smores were exceptional tonight.

19. I got to talk to one of my best friends.

20. I always have good laughs in my conversations with her.

21. I got some good work done on Christmas presents.

22. Brooklyn is good at playing pretend.

23. Jared built a great fire.

24. Nana and Papa Kurt made it to our house safely.

25. They have the provisions to be able to fly up and see us.

26. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

27. I love my family, all of them.

28. God has blessed me greatly.



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