~ Day Ninety Five

My 27 Thanks~

1. The leftover meat in my fridge. It makes for more than one meal.

2. Jared loves spaghetti. I’m so glad because it makes for a cheap, quick, and easy dinner.

3. We found a tomato sauce that we love.

4. My new idea for delish buttered garlic biscuits.

5. I had some good down time with B between work and church.

6. Jared got a good meeting setup.

7. We got our firewood!

8. The firewood burned like a champ in our fireplace.

9. Brooklyn is pretty good at entertaining herself.

10. Frisco is coming out of his scaredy cat shell more and more.

11. Brooklyn loves spaghetti. I don’t have to convince her to eat it.

12. She requests tents now. Makes me smile 🙂

13. Jared and I ordered a book to read together.

14. It is perfect timing to discover this book for our lives.

15. Thank you to our friend, Joel, who recommended it to us.

16. The Christmas idea Jared and I thought up for our Christmas service is developing more.

17. There are all different versions to Christmas songs.

18. The classic Christmas songs.

19. The time that I got to meet and sit on the lap of the writer of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, Ralph Blane. Don’t get any dirty thoughts…. I was 10 yrs old and I performed in one of his musicals.

20. I’m thankful he wrote that song. It is one of my top 3 Christmas favorites.

21. Our young adult class rocks.

22. We are challenged this week to seek after the passions God has placed in each one of us.

23. People are going to have passions ignited within them.

24. I have successfully found all of B’s tickle spots.

25. Hearing her giggle so hard and say “no, mama, no!”. Its precious 🙂

26. People who create apps to help kids learn but are also entertaining.

27. The moms who post cheap or free toddler activities on Pinterest.



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