~ Day Ninety Four

My 28 Thanks~

1. My steaming cup of hot chocolate.

2. Jared offered to fix me not chocolate. I took him up on that offer.

3. Christmas music is playing in my house right now.

4. Jared is finding good Christmas music to play at church.

5. We are skeeming up a cool idea for our Christmas service.

6. I had my Frisco boy riding along with me in the car today.

7. It was taco Tuesday!

8. Jared helps me in the kitchen with a selfless heart.

9. My dad came out of surgery doing very well.

10. His knee will be better.

11. God answered my prayer for firewood. God says to just ask Him. Even for firewood.

12. Some good hearted people gave us some firewood.

13. The sea turtle magnet on my fridge. I asked God to send a sea turtle my way when I went snorkeling last time. As I was swimming I was reminded of the Word that says if we will ask it of Him, he will deliver to us our hearts desires. The sea turtle reminds me of how God listens to my prayers and how much He cares about our hearts desires even when they aren’t that big of a deal.

14. The Mickey Mouse magnets on my fridge. They remind me of a sweet little girl that I love.

15. The postcards on my fridge. They remind me of the amazing friends I have who are serving selflessly overseas as missionaries.

16. The cards are reminders to always be in prayer over my friends.

17. I found a discount card to use in a purchase for Christmas.

18. Teresa watched B for me today so that I could help take care of someone else.

19. Christmas is closer!!

20. The fun my dog gets out of running through all our leaves.

21. Our neighborhood trees. They are beautiful, despite all the leaves that have to be picked up.

22. I have been wanting a deep freezer for a long time. We were blessed with one today!

23. My toes are safer now. I don’t have blocks of frozen meat falling out of my freezer onto my toes.

24. I have lots of meat to go through!

25. I’m making some great holiday plans with family.

26. The joy I feel knowing that I can spend time with my family this holiday season.

27. We aren’t having Mexican or Italian food for thanksgiving 🙂 We did that one year. I’m 100% a turkey, mashed potatoes and hot buttered rolls kinda girl.

28. The rest I will receive tonight. 🙂



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