~ Day Ninety Three

My 27 Thanks~

1. I had a nice relaxing day.

2. Days off.

3. All the veterans that give to this nation.

4. The celebrations that happened to day in honor of them.

5. The citizens who give honor to our veterans.

6. My cousin who is serving overseas right now for our nation.

7. She continues to be in safe quarters.

8. The leaders of our nation who choose to pursue after greatness according to what God has.

9. The Christian men and women who serve in our nations capital.

10. The protection we have surrounding our states.

11. The God given brains to dream up the technology that keeps us safe.

12. The hearts that have the desire to protect our country.

13. The pledge of allegiance. It makes me proud to be a part of the US.

14. My papa who served overseas.

15. The great memories I have of my papa.

16. The time I got to spend with him before he went to be with Jesus.

17. The warm house I sleep in during these cold nights.

18. My warm sheets.

19. My comfy PJ’s.

20. I have so much to be grateful for.

21. Brooklyn chose the Rangers over the Yankees today. Atta girl 😉

22. We went to see Santa. That was a disaster but we got a hilarious free picture out of it. That picture will come December 1st.

23. We didn’t have to pay for the not-so-happy picture.

24. After the Santa ordeal, we had fun hanging out at Bass Pro.

25. I found a cute and cheap Christmas gift for B.

26. We had dinner cooked for us.

27. I had fun watching Thor 2 with my hubby.



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