~ Day Ninety Two

My 28 Thanks~

1. I survived the day on little sleep.

2. I have a great media team to work with.

3. They are a blessing to me every week.

4. Jason and Catrina got their engagement pictures today.

5. We honored our veterans.

6. The men and women who risk their lives for my freedom.

7. My mother in law cooked a yummy lunch.

8. We’ve discovered a good way to get B to eat her veggies and meat. You just gotta stroke her ego a little and dare her to do it. Lol

9. A cool little boy was born a year ago today.

10. The Cowboys are playing today. Lets hope they show up.

11. Our staff picture didn’t take to long.

12. Brooklyn stopped crying long enough to get a decent picture.

13. The sun was shining pretty for the pic.

14. All the kiddos had smiles on their faces with their eyes open.

15. B did good in nursery despite the fact that she was sleepy and cranky.

16. The book I started reading is pretty good.

17. I have the day off tomorrow!! Super excited about this.

18. I get to spend my day tomorrow with B and eventually my man.

19. The Gormans, who have served as missionaries for 30 years.

20. They are such selfless people and have great hearts.

21. People who commit their lives to the Lord to become missionaries and go wherever the Lord sends them.

22. They are getting to retire. I pray that God richly blesses them in this time off the missions field.

23. I’m thankful that I live in America.

24. I’m thankful I have running water, unlike a lot of missionaries.

25. The yummy leftovers that Jared warmed up.

26. Relaxing on the couch with J.

27. His charming ways.

28. My Frisco dog beside me.



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