~ Day Ninety One

My 27 Thanks~

1. I got to sleep in!!

2. B woke up early but she eventually won’t back to sleep which allowed mommy and daddy to go back to sleep.

3. The extra sleep was amazing. It was needed.

4. I am done with photo editing for a while! I’m taking a break from photo jobs to focus more time on family.

5. More time with family! Especially during the busy holiday season.

6. I got to paint with B. I love artsy play time and I love that she loves it too.

7. We had a very relaxing Saturday.

8. I edited some beautiful engagement pics of Catrina and Jason.

9. B says they look happy in their pics. I’m glad that they are happy together.

10. I found some great Christmas presents at great prices.

11. I bought a new book to read. Hope it’s good!

12. Brooklyn picks up her messes. I have to remind her, but she always listens and does a complete job of it.

13. Jared is my spider killer.

14. We had a Groupon to use for dinner.

15. I had lunch plans cancel but it meant I got to spend the whole day with my fam.

16. My friends are all having healthy babies.

17. We went to the movie theater for the first time with B!

18. She did so good!

19. The excitement on her face when the action parts would happen on screen.

20. She loved eating popcorn.

21. The joy I had just watching her.

22. We all fun strolling around shops.

23. Jared is patient and has fun with me in stores.

24. Jared cleaned dishes while I finished editing pics.

25. This whole time change thing has B going to bed early! I’m kinda liking it. 😉

26. The Christmas season is closer! It makes my heart smile. 🙂

27. I have an amazing man and daughter to share my joys with.



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