~ Day Eighty Nine

My 27 Thanks~

1. I have a BFF and her name is Brooklyn.

2. She has a comfy bed to sleep in.

3. I got to paint with B.

4. Daddy got to paint with B.

5. She knows at least 8 colors.

6. She likes to organize.

7. Washable paints. They make clean up easy.

8. My big dining table. It only cost us $20 brand new at Mathis Brothers. Best $20 bill we have ever spent.

9. The memories that are being made on that dining table.

10. Memories from our honeymoon trip. It was so relaxing and pretty.

11. I got to be a blessing to a family.

12. I didn’t have to wait in a line at Walmart. It’s the little things.

13. I found a product I was needing to buy at a much cheaper price than I anticipated.

14. Leftovers for lunch.

15. Jared had a good meeting.

16. We got to treat our media and worship volunteer teams to dinner.

17. There was a fish tank at the restaurant to keep B occupied.

18. We had the whole back room to our group. It gave B the chance to run around and work out some energy.

19. B and I had a lot of giggles today while playing. There is nothing like hearing her laugh.

20. The laundry piles continue to shrink.

21. My friend Travis was able to clear some time in his schedule to get a family pic done with my dad, stepmom, and step bro and sis.

22. I had a good time playing with B.

23. I got to watch my fav show with J.

24. Having time to relax before bed with just J and me.

25. Brooklyn still loves making tents. She requests them.

26. The stickers stuck on my office desk. Reminds me of how much I love the little girl that put them on there.

27. The 2 people living under the same roof as me. Frisco too. 😉




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