~ Day Eighty 8

My 28 Thanks~

1. My hair has been curly enough to let it be. I love not spending time on my hair.

2. Cuddles with B.

3. Frisco knows how to ring the bells when he wants to go outside.

4. S’mores with my hubby, even though he thought it would be a great idea to lick the marshmallow off my face.

5. The roaring fire in our fireplace.

6. Frisco is a very loving dog.

7. His excitement to go outside. It’s cute.

8. CMA awards. It gives me a chance to see all my favourite country musicians on one screen at the same time.

9. Delicious leftovers. Roast beef and veggies.

10. Jared helped me with laundry.

11. There is a good dent in our laundry piles.

12. B skyped with nana.

13. We made some yummy chili soup for the young adult dinner.

14. Ginger was a big help, as always.

15. Keil is quick to help us when he gets off work.

16. B can sit and watch Mickey and not move an inch. It helps when I’m busy cooking for the church dinner.

17. People liked the chili.

18. We got a great donation.

19. There are lots of winter clothes coming in for our coat drive.

20. Kayla volunteered to help Rita.

21. Rita is doing a good job at bringing in coats. She has a big heart for people.

22. We were able to giveaway some extra chili to some good families.

23. It was a perfect cold night for chili.

24. We had good discussion in our young adults class.

25. Our class is figuring out what God has for their lives.

26. A person is never to old to accomplish God given dreams.

27. Each person is unique to Gods plans.

28. God always has something for us to accomplish for His kingdom.



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