Men In Black~ Day Eighty Six

The other night we started watching Men In Black II on the television. The first one came out when I was a kid and it was the coolest movie of its time. Will Smith was saving the planet from aliens with his cricket gun and looking cool while doing it. I jammed out to the Men In Black rap song with Big Willie and all my white girls. We knew the moves to the song and I could still sing you most of the lyrics. Probably bust out a few dance moves too.

There is a point to me mentioning this ridiculous movie but let me first start you with this…..
Lately I have been thinking about what God wants to do next with my life. When I start thinking about that, each time my mind comes up with the same mental picture. To give you an idea of what that looks like, step into my mind….
Picture a subway tunnel that infinitely stretches. On both sides of this tunnel there are “stops” or opportunities. I can see that at points in my life I will get off the subway car and step into these opportunities. Yet I can’t make out what those opportunities look like. Just like in a subway, there are stops along the way. Different people at each one and different places to explore. Different things to do and chances to learn new things.
Now my subway is always moving forward in this tunnel. It only goes forward. It’s a transport only meant for me. I stand in this railcar looking out the window as subway platforms appear in front of me. I realise that I am a passenger on this railcar who is trying to obediently allow God to move my train as He may. There is that brief desire to know what lies ahead on my next stop but I know to continue to stand and watch in patience as He pulls me into my next opportunity. I become excited to see where He is taking me. What new adventure lies ahead.
He has created in me a love for adventure. I thank Him for that because it allows me to flow easier into His divine stops He has created for me. I can never make out in my mind what my next opportunity looks like but I feel a trust because I know God sees what is ahead. I can’t wait to get off the train and step into my next “stop”.

Now that you have somewhat of a mental picture of what is in my head, lets go back to the MIB movie. In the movie, the men in black suits are constantly looking up at the stars and realising that there is something more out there. Something bigger than the human brain can comprehend. And their job is to discover it.

That movie triggered my subway mental movie. It got me to remembering that there is more out there than I even realise. That in my tunnel, I am moving forward, one way direction, running the race that leads me to Christ. There is more out there that God wants me to accomplish. I can’t see it all, nor do I want to know about it right now. Yet I know that God will not disappoint me in my destinations. He has created me for more. I’m riding on a train that is so thrilling. I am going to make a huge impact in this world. And it’s all because I have placed my trust in Christ and I am simply a passenger on this life ride. He is appointing me to impact this world. I thank my God for using me. For trusting me. For loving me. So watch out world, cause you’re gonna hear my train roar!

My 28 Thanks~

1. God speaks to me in a way that I understand.

2. He has great plans for my life.

3. God is opening up new opportunities for me.

4. I know what it is to hear from the Lord.

5. I am not perfect, and God is ok with that.

6. The Lord doesn’t expect me to be perfect.

7. Christ has given me dreams to follow after.

8. I am learning more each day how to give my worries to the Lord and leave them there.

9. God is guiding me into a bigger strength.

10. He knows my inner most thoughts and fears. I can trust Him with those.

11. I can cast my cares upon the Lord.

12. I can find a spiritual moment out of a silly movie.

13. Jared woke up feeling sick but was better by the end of the day.

14. We had coffee with the Anthony’s.

15. Jared and I had a lovely date night.

16. We had a Groupon for one of our favourite date spots.

17. J likes to paint with me at Purple Glaze. Real men aren’t afraid of how they look when painting with their wife 😉 Personally, it makes me so happy to have J their with me.

18. B got to hang with daddy a lot today.

19. She was extra good.

20. She actually ate some chicken!! It’s been a battle to get her to eat meat.

21. My paint creation turned out pretty cute.

22. I had a gift card to use at Starbucks.

23. Caramel mochas.

24. Fun reunions on FB.

25. Ginger for helping me plan young adult events.

26. B got to hang with her papa.

27. The beautiful leaves. I can’t get enough of them and I’m soaking them in while I can for their short life span.

28. Utica Square in Tulsa.




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