~ Day Eighty Seven

My 27 Thanks~

1. It’s November! The month of Thanks.

2. It’s turkey month. I can’t wait to eat the big fella.

3. Eating lunch out with the staff.

4. People like my work enough to ask me to take their family pictures. (But don’t ask me to do them. I’m not doing any this season). 😉

5. Jared and I found a cool new sign for Frisco, the family dog. Don’t judge us for buying the dog a sign. (Picture below)

6. The new matching game I made for B.

7. She immediately started playing with it when she got home.

8. She is getting pretty good at matching.

9. My hubby helped me get stuff at SAMs for our young adult dinner tomorrow.

10. SAMs. It’s a fun place to shop.

11. Jared loves SAMs. Even on non-sample days!

12. We found some cheap books for B’s Christmas.

13. Authors who wrote Christmas books about Jesus and the true reason for the season. What a concept! 😉

14. We ran into a new friend unmade recently. We had a good discussion about new books.

15. The fun I had browsing SAMs with J.

16. Jared went to Hobby Lobby with me!! That’s a good man.

17. He didn’t complain about going into Hobby Lobby with me.

18. Hobby Lobby. I need stock in that store. Plus it’s a great Christian company.

19. J actually found some cool signs that he liked. One of them being for the dog.

20. We found some Christmas presets at 50% off. I love discounts.

21. We had a good prayer meeting tonight at the church.

22. B laid quietly in the chair by her papa while he prayed aloud. She eventually fell asleep listening to him talk to God.

23. I get to pray over my baby girl.

24. God has great things planned out for her.

25. She is a child of the King.

26. My crockpot Mexican chicken turned out great.

27. Reasors and their kiddie car carts. It keeps a toddler entertained.



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