~ Day Eighty Five

My 27 Thanks~

1. Waking up to fun guests in our home.

2. We got an extra hour of sleep!!!

3. Lance was back in the sound booth.

4. We had an awesome attendance in service.

5. The women’s ministry put on a successful lunch.

6. The lunch was a good fundraiser for the ministry.

7. All the ladies that put a lot of work into preparing the meal.

8. Our close friends attended church with us this morning.

9. Hudson and Brooklyn got to hang in the nursery together.

10. I had a cup of coffee to help me through the morning.

11. The opportunity to take communion.

12. Jesus died for my sins.

13. How much Jesus loves me.

14. Having lunch out with close friends.

15. Kilkennys. It’s a great place to hang and eat.

16. Christie finally got to experience Kilkennys 😉 Now her world is complete.

17. My food was tasty and hit the spot.

18. B slept through lunch. Always makes for a peaceful experience.

19. Darlene covered for me tonight so I could be a part of a ministry at OSU.

20. Unlock Her Freedom. They are an organization that is bringing the reality of US sex trafficking into light.

21. They were able to speak to q great sorority and bring awareness to the girls.

22. We got to see our old pal, Tiffany! Didn’t even know she was the one putting on the night.

23. One by one, sex trafficked people are being freed in Jesus name!

24. I am privileged to be a part of different org’s that fight human trafficking.

25. Lesley and her obedience to give her testimony. She did wonderful!

26. Lesley’s heart for girls.

27. Watching young girls have a desire to pour into ministries.



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