~ Day Eighty Four

My 28 Thanks~

1. I have a lot to be thankful for.

2. Brooklyn’s funny morning sayings.

3. It’s Saturday!!!

4. Jared mopped the kitchen for me.

5. Brooklyn is starting to ask for kisses from mommy now.

6. We made some excellent sweet tea.

7. We had a pretty drive to OKC with all the fall leaves around us.

8. We made it safely to OKC.

9. We got to see some good people in OKC.

10. We were able to attend a good banquet.

11. I have been presented with a honorable opportunity.

12. Brooklyn was a pretty good girl at the banquet.

13. She made some people smile.

14. The great amount of money raised for the Southwestern students.

15. College students who have a desire to accomplish great things.

16. The Dollar General located along our trip. We bought pacy’s and it stopped the back seat screaming.

17. Mr. Potatoe head app. It brings entertainment to a toddler in a banquet.

18. TV in the car.

19. The awesome roast in the crockpot.

20. The roast, potatoes, and carrots tasted delish.

21. The Anthony’s are staying with us tonight.

22. They made it safely.

23. H & B got to hang out.

24. We always have fun with our friends.

25. An extra hour of sleep tonight!!

26. B was in an extra silly mood.

27. Her hilarious faces tonight.

28. The awesome fire in our fireplace.



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