~ Day Eighty Two

My 28 Thanks~

1. It’s going to be a fun day!

2. Summer came to volunteer some hours to help us out at the church.

3. The beautiful drive to work with all the fall colors.

4. Gods creative paint pallet.

5. The Tulsa hills. Beautiful colors on them right now.

6. B got to hang with great granny.

7. Memories being made with great granny.

8. I got to take care of the sweetest little baby boy.

9. Little boys. They keep you on your toes.

10. Little Matt brought cupcakes to our house!

11. My friend Ginger got to go to her oldest sons class party and spend time together just the two of them.

12. We got to do an AOL.

13. Time to clean up some neglected areas in my house.

14. Ran some errands in record time.

15. B wore her aviator hat!! Getting her to wear hats is nearly an impossible task.

16. We saw great nana.

17. Great nana got to play with B.

18. My hair still looked good curly today even after I slept on it. I’m so lazy when it comes to wanting to fix my hair. The least I have to do, the better. Thank you Lord for my wavy hair and for making it not look frizzy today 😉

19. Jared is ok with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. Thank you, honey, for not making me make elaborate Rachel Ray dinners. I love you forever for that.

20. Jared is studious and does a great job at focusing on the books when he has tests coming up. I pray B takes after him in school.

21. He takes a major exam tomorrow and I know God is going to guide him through it all.

22. I get to dress up as an old school pilot with my baby girl!

23. Jared isn’t ashamed of dressing up with us too 😉

24. B still thinks I’m cool enough to dress up with her.

25. B getting to ride around in her wagon tonight.

26. All the compliments B received on her costume.

27. The excitement she had when people have her treats.

28. The family fun we all had.





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