~ Day Eighty One

My 27 Thanks~

1.Brooklyn didn’t fight me when we brushed her teeth this morning.

2. She is really understanding the art of negotiation.

3. B took a hard fall off some furniture but she didn’t hurt or break anything in your body.

4. She cuddled up with me after she got hurt.

5. The fun songs we sing in the car.

6. The rain.

7. The awesome fire tree on our street. We call it the fire tree cause it looks like its on fire when its leaves change colors. So pretty!

8. Brooklyn loves to watch the rain. I love to watch it too.

9. We created a fun art project on the windows.

10. Jared had an awesome meeting today!

11. God is providing for us in our new journey.

12. God is challenging me.

13. God is making me more aware of the hurt around me.

14. Our young adults have a good connection in the class.

15. Young adults who are willing to rebuke satan and follow after Christ.

16. Our friend and photographer, Travis. He is always good to us.

17. He sent me some sneak peek pic of our family photos so I could put one on B’s birthday invitations.

18. The pictures he sent look AWESOME!!

19. Travis has a really good heart.

20. The Boston Red Sox won!!

21. The Cardinals lost 🙂 bye bye David Freese. Go home.

22. My husband, who really does treat me as Christ has commanded husbands to treat their wives, brought me home beautiful flowers.

23. Flowers from Jared. I love receiving flowers from him bc they are usually at random times and I know they are a tangible sign of his love and affection for me.

24. Jared is protective of my heart.

25. I married a good man.

26. We made a cute kid.

27. My hair looked good curly today.



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