~ Day Eighty

My 28 Thanks~

1. The little girl who sits in my back seat.

2. Budgets. I hate making them but they make for smart spending.

3. Pastor Steve and Pastor Jeff got me lunch today. Good guys.

4. They even thought of B and got her a little something.

5. The leaves are changing into beautiful colors.

6. The ground is getting covered with leaves.

7. People who give towards fundraisers.

8. Secular artists who bring positive messages through their songs.

9. Jared and I work well together on budgets.

10. He helped nail down a place for a dinner we are putting on.

11. I booked a super fun Christmas surprise for the young adults!

12. Our young adult fundraisers have been successful.

13. Jared had good client meetings.

14. I got to see my nana.

15. I still have my nana around to talk to even though she is beginning to struggle to remember who I am. Makes me sad.

16. I found a cute bday present for my girl Lesley.

17. My dinner date with Lesley.

18. She always makes me laugh.

19. We can talk about anything with each other.

20. She listens to me tell about the crazy things going on in my world.

21. We had a delicious giant cookie with milk shots. Purely milk. Virgin. Nothing added 😉

22. B and I made a fun trip to the toy store. Not to buy anything, but simply to play.

23. She loved playing in the powerwheels Jeep. Girl after my own heart.

24. She wanted me to sit with her in the jeep. Of course I did. I soak in those moments when she wants her momma by her side, roll’n in her Jeep.

25. She thinks I’m fun.

26. I got to pray with someone and stand in faith with them about a situation.

27. Jared got some good study time in.

28. It’s bed time.





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