~Day Seventy-nine

My 27 Thanks

1. Jared helped me with Brooklyn in the morning.

2. I live close enough to stores so I don’t have to drive a long distance to get to them.

3. Road trips give me time to think and pray.

4. That one time I fell asleep at the wheel, God protected me from danger. Long time ago, folks. 🙂

5. B woke up in the night but eventually went back to sleep.

6. Jared let me sleep and took care of B in the night.

7. Left over candy from Trunk or Treat. I might have had a couple of pieces to get me through the day.

8. Free coupon sites.

9. We got a free dessert from Chilis because of one of those coupons.

10. I got to share my dessert with my boyfriend. 😉

11. Jared rode with me to Shawnee for a meeting.

12. J encourages me in my giftings.

13. I got to talk to my cousin who is still overseas.

14. The Red Sox won.

15. The Cards lost. 🙂

16. The sounds of baseball.

17. The dual temp gauge in my car. That way Jared and I don’t have to argue over the temp in the car.

18. I had a good phone conversation with my dad.

19. Mis Joyce is always faithful to come every week and help us at the church.

20. Rita sent me some cute recipe ideas.

21. Darlene sent me some cute craft ideas.

22. We received a good offering for our Southwestern students at the meeting tonight.

23. Jared and I have really dumb ways of entertaining each other on road trips. If only we had video. Jared says thank God we don’t. Haha

24. We have free baby sitters.

25. I had a friend lead their cousin to Christ.

26. Anyone can have a relationship with the Lord.

27. I have a relationship with Christ.



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