~ Pinch Hitting Day 77

Lindsey is under the weather this evening, so I asked her if I could fill in for her tonight on her 10,000 Thanks blog. If you haven’t read her Day 1 blog post, go back and check it out to get the background on the blog. I love that she does this each day. I am proud of her. 😉

My 27 Thanks

1. Brooklyn has a runny nose, but she seems to be feeling better than she was yesterday.

2. B does great in long car rides. She doesn’t get very fussy.

3. B’s laugh is the best.

4. She loves it when I throw her up really high in the air and catch her. She weighs 25 pounds, so after a couple dozens tosses, Daddy gets a little tired. She still points up and says, “Up!” Her joy is so fun to watch.

5. I love frozen pizzas. Nothing fancy. Just cheap, tasty goodness. And such low calories, too…right? Right? ;-P

6. When your baseball team doesn’t make the playoffs, there is always another season to look forward to.

7. Life’s seasons change. They change for the good, and sometimes they change for the bad. But, change is guaranteed. Maybe it sounds strange to be thankful for change, but it is something I have embraced since I was a kid.

8. Our best days are still ahead of us.

9. Hot Rod Motors in Sand Springs had their annual car show today, and they raised money to help support a camp for underprivileged kids. I love it when people have a passion for helping kids.

10. I’m thankful I had great music professors in college that taught me theory and ear training. I use what I learned at ORU every week.

11. Frisco was glad to see us after having been with my parents all week while we were in Fort Worth.

12. The support staff in my firm are great. So helpful and knowledgeable.

13. Texas Tech is now 7-1. Boomer Sooner!

14. My grandmothers. I am blessed they are both still with us.

15. I work with great people that I believe in–at Harvest and at Chalk Cullum.

16. My wife believes in me and supports me in business and ministry.

16. God gave me a wife that I share a vision for life with.

17. I have learned a lot in the last year about guitar gear and have found some great resources to help me improve my tone.

18. I am thankful for Strymon guitar pedals. American made boutique guitar pedals. American parts and labor. Top notch sounds and builds.

18. B loves her stuffed animal dog that she just calls “Puppy.” She loves Puppy so much. I love seeing her take care of and show love to Puppy.

19. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I know that God has awesome things for me and for you. Wherever you build community in whatever church, jump into what is happening in your part of God’s kingdom.

20. I love reminding myself of one of Oral Roberts’ famous quotes: “Something GOOD is going to happen to you today!” God is a good God.

21. Homemade quilts, blankets, and afghans. Nothing is more comfortable. Especially when it is chilly outside. Linz is all bundled up in a quilt, asleep while I watch the World Series.

22. My friends. I am so fortunate to have such amazing men and women to call friends, and I get excited when I see great things going on in their lives.

23. I play through my Papaw’s 1970s model Fender Princeton Reverb amp every Sunday. It sounds great, and I feel like some of his music comes out of it when I play it. He gave me my first guitar when I was a teenager. I miss him, and I am thankful for his legacy.

24. Single coil pickups in my Telecaster guitar. Nothing like that Telecaster quack. 😉

25. Peace of mind that comes from a higher power than myself. God’s peace defies circumstance.

26. One of my best friends turns 30 tomorrow. There are so many reasons I am thankful to call Trey my friend. They would fill up a few of Linz’s 27 Thanks days.

27. I get to play music with some really good musicians every week.


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