~ Day Seventy Six

My 28 Thanks~

1. My parent arrived safely into Dallas.

2. I got to watch Veggietales with Brooklyn and Hudson.

3. I got to spend the morning with a friend.

4. B got some fun Hawaiian presents from nana and papa Kurt.

5. She got a ukulele!

6. Jared had a good meeting.

7. We got to eat breakfast with my parents.

8. Kurt paid for our breakfast.

9. My asiago bagel was scrumptious.

10. I got to teach Hudson the art of indoor tent making.

11. The smiles on the kids faces were totally worth it.

12. We got to eat In and Out burgers!

13. There were no spills in the car.

14. Playing car games with J

15. Safe travels back to town.

16. Hearing Brooklyn say “momma” from the back seat and turning around to see her hiding under her blanket. “Where did B go?!?” She makes me laugh so much.

17. B gets to spend the night with meme and papa.

18. My hot concert date is tonight!

19. A friend was stranded on the road but God protected her from harm on the highway.

20. We found a great parking spot for the concert.

21. Part of our parking fee went to a non profit org that helps kids in Tulsa.

22. We were the only 2 people in our row at the concert. There were only 3 seats in our row 🙂

23. Little Big Town is one of my favorite bands and I got to rock out with them!

24. Keith Urban was fantastic as usual.

25. We ran into one of the sweetest little girls I know, miss Jade. We got to walk out with her and Angie. It was Jades first concert!

26. We ran into Ms. Amanda! She has a fun job at the BOK Center.

27. I had a blast hanging with my other half.

28. My favorite highlight…. we totally saw Little Big Town leaving in their tour bus as we were pulling out of the parking lot… So I stuck my body out the car window and totally got all of them to wave back, blow kisses, and honk their big bus horn. Lol. We are BFF’s now.






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