~ Day Seventy Five

My 27 Thanks~

1. I was able to get a lot done before B woke up.

2. Jared helped me get B ready for the day.

3. I got us packed the night before so I didn’t have to run around this morning.

4. We got to see baby Seazen today!! And renae 😉

5. I got to hold that precious bundle of joy.

6. Both momma and baby are doing great.

7. They got to go home today.

8. Summer came and helped out us out with stuff at the church.

9. She got free tickets to a concert!

10. Jared got me tickets to see one of my favorite artists tomorrow night!! Woohoo!!

11. He give me great surprises.

12. He plans surprised for me.

13. Jared has always been a great date planner.

14. He is always thinking of me.

15. He thinks I’m pretty cool.

16. God helped me through a situation.

17. We have some new volunteers stepping up!

18. We got some free pops today.

19. We had a safe trip back to Dallas.

20. B did pretty well most of the ride.

21. She took a nap on the road.

22. Jared got some study time in on the road trip.

23. We got to meet some of my best friends for dinner!!!

24. It was a fun outdoor fried chicken place. Chicken Scratch. Tasty! Check it out.

25. I have some of the best friends.

26. B got to spend time with her aunts.

27. We get to see the Anthony’s.



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