~ Day Seventy Four

My 28 Thanks-

1. Brooklyn woke up in the night for a while but eventually went back to sleep.

2. I wasn’t tired from our middle of the night adventure with B.

3. Baby Seazen made her appearance today!!

4. She arrived healthy.

5. Her momma is doing good.

6. Brooklyn took a good nap.

7. Jared and I got to watch our favorite show.

8. The Red Sox won.

9. B is talking more and more.

10. She is learning some more new shapes.

11. She is discovering more colors.

12. The staff got the 2014 calendar completed.

13. We have some exciting things coming up!

14. I got to hang out with my baby girl.

15. I made a yummy new dinner.

16. It was simple and easy.

17. We got through the pile of dishes in our sink.

18. Dishwashers.

19. We had a great young adults class. As always.

20. Good conversations in class.

21. Volunteers who give so many hours.

22. Candy Corn.

23. Frisco is in good company with the in laws.

24. Patience.

25. The free hot chocolate from Southwest Airlines/Charity.

26. My BFF Charity!

27. We have a great AOL coming up.

28. I get to sleep soon.



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