Sower of Seeds~ Day Seventy Two

I had the opportunity to serve at a charitable golf tournament in the Fort Worth, TX area. The proceeds went to help an organization called Sower of Seeds. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to check them out. Their ministry has several different focuses, but what seems to be the heartbeat of this ministry is the Red Light District in India. Sower of Seeds, or SOS for short, is determined to help women and children who are trapped in sex slavery in India and rescue them into a life free from pain. A life that is filled with the love of Christ.
The golf tournament was a great success. I am believing that through the generous donations that so many women and girls are going to be free in Jesus name.

I encourage anyone to look them up and get involved. Whether it’s a one time donation or having your company or small group support them, it is ALL for the kingdom of God. Let’s put an end to sex trafficking.
Check them out!

My 28 Thanks~

1. Jared and I were able to pull ourselves out of bed before dawn to have a great day in Texas.

2. We had some fun times singing to some old George Strait and Garth Brooks on our road trip.

3. The coffee and Dr. Pepper kept us going.

4. Jared let me snooze a bit on the way.

5. We safely made it to our destination.

6. We had the privilege to serve with SOS at their golf tournament.

7. We got to see some of our close friends/family. We are so grateful for the Anthony’s.

8. They had a great turn out of golfers.

9. It didn’t rain.

10. The Texas heat wasn’t there.

11. I got to meet some fun people.

12. The SOS staff are hard workers and love the ministry they work in.

13. The golfers went home with a lot of great free stuff.

14. The need is evident and the people responded with great donations to the ministry.

15. My husbands firm is a key partner with SOS.

16. I am so thankful Jared works for a firm that has a heart for ministry.

17. Jared works for a good man.

18. I made some new friends.

19. Getting to know a strangers background. You never know what a person has been through until they open up their heart and show you their journey. When they do that, it may just answer some of those questions you have about why they are the way they are. Lets get to know people.

20. I got to ride in golf carts. I love riding in golf carts.

21. Jared and I got to work together. I like volunteering with him.

22. We got free lunch and dinner!

23. We got to hang out with our nephew, Hudson, for a little while. He’s precious!

24. Trafficked women in India are hearing the name of Jesus bc of SOS.

25. My daughter lives in a home free from the filth of sex slavery.

26. The Weehunts. They are the founders of SOS and are the leaders, along with a great staff, that take the ministry forward to this day.

27. I may not always have the funds to give, but my prayers are always a help to the ministry.

28. Gods miracles that happen over these girls.



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