~ Sunday, Day Seventy One

My 27 Thanks~

1. I have the honor of working for the Lord.

2. I got to worship my King through songs. I love worship time.

3. Gods grace over me.

4. We have a whole lotta friendly people at church.

5. The people that give great hugs.

6. Brooklyn raises her hands to worship Jesus.

7. I get to watch her worship Jesus.

8. She may not yet understand what she’s doing, but God see’s it and loves it.

9. We had lunch with both of Jared’s grandmothers.

10. Brooklyn took a long Sunday nap.

11. Seeing her get excited to see me when I pick her up at nursery.

12. Brooklyn running into my arms.

13. Hearing her say “what’s that?”

14. I got some good cuddle time with B.

15. I have a person in the church wanting to get involved in the media dept.

16. He is excited about where Harvest Church is going.

17. God always has a plan to take care of His children.

18. We had worship night at church!

19. Worship music.

20. Worship pastors. I’m not biased or anything 😉

21. Hillsong United.

22. Jesus Culture.

23. All Sons and Daughters.

24. Kari Jobe.

25. Chris Tomlin.

26. Planetshakers.

27. Elevation Worship.

28. My hubbie who uses his voice for the Lord.



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