~ Day Seventy

My 28 Thanks~

1. My pup is cuddling with me right now.

2. The men had a good breakfast ministry.

3. The youth ministry arrived safely home.

4. I found some cute boots on sale.

5. I was able to buy the boots.

6. I found B some boots at a consignment store for our pictures.

7. Jared had a good lunch meeting.

8. Harvey and Isaac installed a new computer at our church.

9. They are a HUGE blessing to harvest church.

10. They have big hearts.

11. Our computer problems should be gone. Yay!

12. I was able to find all my materials at one store that I needed to make a banner.

13. I was able to help bless a family.

14. I ran into Ms. Glenda at a store. I always enjoy seeing her.

15. Baseball is such a great game.

16. Even though the Rangers didn’t make it to the division series, I still love watching the teams fight it out.

17. Boston Red Sox won. Take that Yankees 😉

18. We had a family photo shoot today!!

19. We got to make a blanket tent in the backyard.

20. B loves tents. So the blanket tent was so cool to her.

21. She had some cute smiles.

22. She was very patient through the pictures.

23. Jared looked handsome for his model shots 😉

24. We made memories at our house.

25. We will have photos of those memories.

26. Travis Hall is a great friend and photographer. So glad we have him!

27. We made some yummy lasagna.

28. We cooked some s’mores in our fireplace!



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