~ Day Sixty Eight

My 28 Thanks~

1. I made some lovely chicken teriyaki stir fry.

2. Jared ate it. (He’s not a big stir fry fan)

3. Brooklyn didn’t bust her face on glass when she fell today.

4. Jared had a good lunch meeting.

5. God spoke to him pretty blatantly.

6. God knows just how to communicate with our personalities.

7. I had some funny conversations with friends.

8. Our young adult couples have all managed to find babysitters for tomorrow nights party!

9. I was able to help a friend out with some stuff.

10. Our youth group made it to fall retreat.

11. God is going to change lives at fall retreat.

12. B received a fun Halloween package in the mail from nana.

13. B had fun with the items nana sent.

14. My stepdad, mom and all his family made it safe to Hawaii.

15. My stepbrother married his fiancé today.

16. They had a pretty ceremony near the beach.

17. Jared and I got to clean the house.

18. It wasn’t as grueling as I thought it would be.

19. To reward our awesome house cleaning skills, the three of us went and got ice cream.

20. My house smells like fall.

21. Brooklyn’s room has some new additives and is clean.

22. The baseball ALCS games have been really good.

23. Jared found an inexpensive, buy nice, Christmas present for a family member.

24. I finally got around to emailing some pics I took to a friend overseas.

25. I had a free bowl of soup for lunch.

26. Brooklyn went to her early.

27. Because she went to bed early I get to hang out with J on the couch and relax.

28. I have a great life.



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