~ Day Sixty Seven

My 27 Thanks~

1. Good news folks…. Christmas is 10 Saturdays away!!!

2. I’m eating a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Right now. At 10:37pm.

3. I don’t care that I’m eating a grilled cheese sandwich at 10:37pm.

4. I’m also eating a delicious bowl of tomato soup.

5. My husband made my delicious late night dinner for me.

6. Frisco boy got a haircut. He looks like a prissy boy now, but I’m thankful he’s clean.

7. I got to talk to one of my best friends today.

8. We had a good conversation.

9. I get to see her in a few days!!

10. I had some good downtime today.

11. I was able to get a lot of work done for our trunk or treat car.

12. Jared doesn’t get mad at me when I knock over a giant paint can and spill paint on the lawn.

13. Frisco wasn’t scared at his groomers. It was his first time. He is a very skiddish dog so this is a big deal.

14. God never leaves me.

15. I had a good conversation with someone in our church. God is doing a good work in her.

16. Our young adult class is really opening up and getting deeper with the Lord.

17. God is breaking people away from addictions.

18. We had some awesome new young adults in class.

19. Brooklyn had a nice long nap.

20. Her long nap gave me some good downtime.

21. Prayer requests in the past few weeks are being answered.

22. Harvey is working out our computer problems.

23. Patricia gave us a bunch of soup.

24. Kristin and I are working the golf tourney together! Didn’t even realize til today that we are both signed up to help.

25. Pastor Steve and the UFC youth ministry bought the young adult ministry a used TV for our class videos. Thanks so much, Steve!

26. Brooklyn is learning to hop. Hopefully that translates into good sports skills.

27. Jared is a fantastic man.



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