~ Day Sixty Six

My 28 Thanks~

1. Today was just a good day. Nothing fancy. Just a good day.

2. We had a good staff meeting.

3. I enjoy working with our church staff.

4. We have some good laughs.

5. We can make fun of each other together and not get offended.

6. We got each others backs.

7. God is developing me as a leader.

8. God doesn’t cast me aside if I make a mistake.

9. There was some leftovers from the conference so I got a free lunch.

10. B got to decorate pumpkins with meme.

11. We found a fun Minney Mouse guitar for one of B’s Christmas presents.

12. I found a cute leather jacket for B’s Halloween outfit cheaper than expected.

13. I found her some winter shoes at a cheaper price than expected.

14. God speaks through me at times that I’m not even aware of.

15. When I came home, Jared had cleaned the kitchen for me. I love him 🙂

16. My kitchen is so much cleaner!

17. Harvey at church is such a blessing to us through his technology skills.

18. He is helping me out with some computer issues.

19. I’m getting to know a young woman better that I’m hoping will come to our young adult group.

20. Wanda trusts me to speak to our conference. 😉

21. We have some awesome ladies in our conference.

22. The church we met at tonight provided dinner for us.

23. We are able to commit a great amount towards missions.

24. I loved today’s weather!

25. Jared and I had some fun trying on silly Halloween masks and glasses at Target.

26. I was prayed over by Karen at our meeting tonight. She’s a sweet lady.

27. I’ve been given the honor to assist in leading ladies in our conference.

28. Gods teaching me how to let go and give my stress to Him.



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