~ Day Sixty Five

My 27 Thanks~

1. I got a good nights sleep.

2. J, B, and me all got to cuddle in bed this morning.

3. Brooklyn first thing wants to cuddle next to me in the morning. Even if its just for a few minutes, those minutes are precious.

4. Jared usually gets her out of her bed, changes her diaper, and brings her into bed with me so we can cuddle.

5. Jared is a blessing.

6. J and B went grocery shopping with me.

7. We ran into Nina from church and I got a good hug from her.

8. Brooklyn was a good girl at the store so she got a bouncy ball.

9. The rain was relaxing.

10. I made some yummy chili soul. Perfect for a rainy day.

11. The cornbread was extra yummy.

12. Jared did the dishes for me.

13. My friend Amy did my hair.

14. We always have interesting conversations.

15. I’ve got a good hook up with her.

16. My hair doesn’t look like worn out straw now.

17. Jared and I got to have a date night.

18. Jared took the car to get the oil changed.

19. Brooklyn got to hang out with her meme and papa.

20. We had a groupon we got to use for dinner.

21. J discovered the greatness of Dollar Tree.

22. We found a great $5 movie to buy.

23. We got to watch our $5 movie.

24. Double stuffed Oreos. Mmmm.

25. B was having tiny troubles but she moved past them in time for bed.

26. Jared rubber my feet. He loves me 😉

27. We had Smashburger for dinner. I love me some Smashburger.



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