~ Day Sixty Four

My 28 Thanks~

1. I wasn’t tired this morning from the good, but long, week/wknd.

2. Brooklyn woke up in a great mood.

3. Frisco is such a good dog. He didn’t make a mess for us to clean up last night after being cooped up all day long in his crate.

4. We had a great service.

5. Pastor is doing a great job on his Issues series.

6. This series is really making an impact on the lives of our people.

7. We had two people give their hearts to the Lord!!

8. B and I were treated to lunch by my in-laws.

9. There might have been a Starbucks trip too 😉

10. I got to eat Chinese. I really do like Chinese food a lot.

11. After a computer crash before service, I prayed over the computer and it ran just fine during service. I think it’s time for a new computer.

12. Darlene did so great on the computers for her first day! She is a blessing.

13. God knows when things are going to happen before I know. He always prepares and intervenes in perfect timing.

14. We were blessed with a gift card from our dentist! We really like our dentist.

15. We received some sweet thank you cards in the mail.

16. I had a hour to relax today.

17. Jared got to have lunch with one of his good friends from out of town.

18. Brooklyn got a good Sunday nap.

19. Jared had a good conversation that ended in a good prayer over our life.

20. Friends who pray over us.

21. Pastor preached a good message tonight.

22. Brooklyn gave us all a good laugh at lunch when she put the Chinese take out box on her head.

23. Communication is a strong point in my marriage.

24. I received some encouragement from wonderful church ladies.

25. We have some awesome youth girls who seek after the Lord with all their heart.

26. Brooklyn went straight to bed when we got home from dinner.

27. B is forming more and more sentences.

28. Today was a good day.



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