Wonderful Woman ~ Day Sixty Three

We had an amazing experience at the Wonderful Woman Conference. So many lives were changed and refreshed. Thank you Lord for your good works.

My 27 Thanks~

1. We had a great start to the conference this morning.

2. We got to give each lady a breakfast bar when they arrived.

3. I was able to accomplish everything I needed in time.

4. The ladies loved the boutique.

5. Pastor was a huge help in the kitchen. He got the lunch ready for the ladies.

6. Worship was awesome.

7. The Holy Spirit showed up in a big way.

8. Chains were broken off of hearts.

9. The lunch was yummy!

10. Sherry did a great job with her testimony.

11. We had some more great giveaways.

12. We were able to giveaway a Coach purse!

13. My workshop went over well.

14. The ladies had a fabulous time.

15. I love being a part of women’s conferences.

16. There were some great men who gave up their weekend to make this conference a great one for the ladies. Thank you so much, men, for all your help!!

17. We had some awesome lady volunteers who helped make this conference happen. Thank you, ladies!!

18. Erin and Danny saved us a bunch of time and tore down the fellowship hall.

19. B had a good time with granddad and Grammy.

20. I had a great cup of coffee to help put an extra pep in my step.

21. Women walked away from the conference with a refreshed heart.

22. Seeing women get excited about the Lord.

23. God wrapped us up.

24. Gods sweet voice.

25. Seeing women grow in the Lord.

26. I was blessed with free jewelry!! Thank you so much! You know who you are.

27. We had an amazing conference!



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