~ Day Sixty Two

I’m a little late on this one but last night was a late late night. So here goes yesterday’s thanks…..

My 28 Thanks~

1. We started the Harvest Church ladies conference!

2. Our team got everything complete in time to start the conference.

3. Erin finished up the fellowship hall and made it look gorgeous!

4. Shannon made her boutique beautiful!

5. Teresa picked up all the food and got it prepared for the ladies.

6. Meme was a huge help in preparing the food and picking up items.

7. The computer didn’t crash on me during the evening service!

8. We had some wonderful women show up for the conference.

9. Joyce and Brenda helped me so much on the registration table.

10. Clint and his team ran the coffee shop for us.

11. Jared and his worship team led and did a wonderful job.

12. Women got to spend time with the Lord.

13. Women got to spend time with friends.

14. We had some awesome giveaways.

15. Every women received free gifts.

16. Our ushers did a great job.

17. They were all ready to come back on Saturday.

18. Brooklyn got to hang with granddad and Grammy for the wknd.

19. She got to feed the ducks with granddad.

20. Great grandma got to spend the evening with B.

21. We have family in town that can help take care of B.

22. I got my workshop together.

23. Walmart had everything that I needed for my workshop.

24. Jared helped me get my items.

25. He and pastor picked up items for us.

26. God gives me extra energy to accomplish what needs to be done.

27. We have another exciting day planned for the ladies on Saturday.

28. God is going to break chains!



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