~ Day Sixty One

My 27 Thanks~

1. Brooklyn and I got to cuddle this morning.

2. Hearing her say “momma” from her bed.

3. Having her crawl in bed next to me and wanting to cuddle. 🙂

4. We got to watch cartoons.

5. Brooklyn helped me fill our grocery cart with stuff.

6. I saved money on my gifts for the conference.

7. I love Dollar Tree!

8. I’ve said this before, but so thankful we have Dollar Tree by our house. It saves me time and money.

9. Jared made it home safely from Ada.

10. He had a great lunch meeting. Made a good connection.

11. He got to meet up with an old friend.

12. He had a great evening meeting too.

13. I got all my gifts together for the conference.

14. Brooklyn was so patient today even though she had to spend the whole day with me at work until late.

15. Erin is doing a great job decorating for the conference.

16. She has fun ideas!

17. The church looks pretty for the ladies.

18. So many ladies are excited about the conference!

19. We had some hard working teens come help us decorate. Thank you, Veronika & Katie!

20. They have such a servants heart.

21. Monika and Becky did a great job helping decorate too.

22. They are amazing women and I’m so glad they are a big part of Harvest.

23. No one fell off the ladders.

24. Tyler played with B and helped us setup. He’s a really great young man. God has big plans for him.

25. I found some really cute Christmas presents for the mothers.

26. After being cooped up all day long, Frisco didn’t pee in his crate. Thank you Jesus.

27. Hard work goes a long way.



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