~ Day Sixty

My 28 Thanks~

1. God always makes a way.

2. Not seeing the whole picture on things. If God showed me the whole picture I would probably want to run the other way.

3. I have an awesome little girl.

4. My washer can handle big loads of laundry.

5. My dryer kicks butt too.

6. Jared did some loads of laundry.

7. We make a good team for household chores.

8. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in laundry.

9. We are feeling well again to take care of the chores we neglected while we were sick.

10. My sprinklers are going off. That sprinkler system saves us time.

11. We have a wonderful group of young adults at the church.

12. We had a new face in the group tonight!

13. There was some good discussion in the group tonight at church.

14. I always enjoy being in class with the young adults. There are some good laughs.

15. Renae is going to bring baby S into the world soon!

16. Today one of my best friends was born 27 years ago. Happy birthday, Kristin!

17. And another best friend was born on this day too! Happy birthday, Lesley!

18. I’m so blessed to have these two girls in my life.

19. God has given me some amazing friends.

20. They birth have such big hearts for the Lord.

21. Brooklyn knows how to smile well for the camera.

22. We had some more ladies sign up for the women’s conference.

23. We are going to have a great turn out for our first year.

24. I had some more kind words spoken about my blog.

25. Jared has a surprise for me. He thinks that I don’t know what it is 😉

26. I’m real good at guessing surprises.

27. My nana is going to be ok after a bad fall.

28. Brooklyn brings sunshine to my day.



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