~ Day Fifty Nine

My 27 Thanks~

1. I had a good conversation with a close friend.

2. God is going to meet her needs.

3. God makes no small plans.

4. We all have God given dreams.

5. I can trust God in all things.

6. I can find my strength in The Lord.

7. He wants to see me succeed.

8. I can find hope in the Lord.

9. God loves us all so much.

10. Jared, B and I decorated the front lawn with some fall decor!

11. My mom got me some cute pumpkin decor that we were able to use in the pumpkins.

12. The ground was soft enough so we didn’t have to struggle putting in the signs and scarecrow.

13. I had a good doctors appt.

14. Brooklyn was patient during the wait, even though it was 1.5hr behind schedule.

15. Jared was patient too 😉

16. Jared had a good lunch meeting.

17. I got some good items checked off my list at work.

18. I got a group email from my close girlfriends just saying hello.

19. The three of us got to take a short walk in this awesome weather.

20. Brooklyn and I had some funny face time today.

21. Some crazy pigeons scared Frisco. It made for a great laugh.

22. I got to show B the art of dipping Oreos in milk.

23. I had some yummy leftovers.

24. I got to have a mommy daughter date night.

25. We cuddled on a floor pallet.

26. We got to watch The Incredibles.

27. Frisco cuddled with us too.




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