~ Day Fifty Eight

My 28 Thanks~

1. Jared’s salsa verde is excelenté.

2. He takes the time to cook it just right.

3. We made some yummy enchiladas together.

4. Jared had a good lunch meeting.

5. He picked up my boxes for me from Dean.

6. Dean saved me a bunch of boxes for my Halloween project.

7. We had more women sign up for the conference.

8. The conference is getting closer!

9. We got some decorating accomplished for the conference.

10. Ms. Joyce is always faithful to come in and do attendance.

11. She stayed extra long and helped stuff gifts for us.

12. Brooklyn ate a big lunch.

13. She is good at picking up after herself.

14. She loves stickers. I loved stickers as a kid. Still do 🙂

15. I finally mailed off gift packages to friends.

16. So excited for them to get them in the mail!

17. Brooklyn is forming more and more words into sentences.

18. Her cute little voice.

19. I heard her say “momma” a lot to get my attention. I love love love hearing that.

20. We got to Skype with nana and papa Kurt.

21. Frisco didn’t get sprayed by the skunk in our backyard.

22. Jared didn’t get sprayed by the skunk when he went outside to find him. I would have loved to have seen what Jared would have done when he came face to face to the thing. That would have been a win for the skunk.

23. Family grocery shopping was a success.

24. We all stayed calm while waiting in the super long lines at Walmart.

25. B has the type of hair that always starts a conversation every where we go.

26. Im planning a trip to Houston with B.

27. We bought pumpkins!! I love pumpkins in my yard.

28. It’s the fall season and cooler temps are coming!



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