Day Fifty Seven

My 27 Thanks~

1. I have a husband who loves me.

2. He forgives me when I’m in a fowl mood.

3. We love each other.

4. I received an encouraging text today.

5. God loves blessing me.

6. Jared is a good worship leader.

7. Quick thinking happened today to get another computer running when our main one crashed before service started.

8. Mr. Harvey is good with computers.

9. He took the misbehaving computer home to try and fix it.

10. Lance got the laptop configured to work for us during service.

11. Today was my mother in laws birthday! Glad she came into the world and had Jared 😉

12. We got to go to lunch for her bday.

13. We found some cute toys for half off. Gotta get birthday shopping done early!

14. Brooklyn took a good nap all through lunch.

15. My lunch was yummy.

16. We had a really good waitress.

17. I find so much enjoyment when I find gifts for little B.

18. A friend sent us a cute pic of B that she took this wknd.

19. We have lots of volunteers for our women’s conference coming up.

20. My nana called me today.

21. We got to talk a little bit. Don’t know how many more chances I get to do that.

22. I had some funny conversations after church tonight.

23. Pastor has a good heart.

24. The Lord is moving on our people.

25. Jared and I got to rent a movie for free! I love coupons.

26. We spent some time watching a good movie.

27. B gets to spend the night with her meme and papa for memes bday.



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