~ Day Fifty Six

My 28 Thanks~

1. I got to sleep in.

2. Baby girl cuddled with us.

3. We watched the Jungle Book. It’s always fun to watch those classic Disney movies.

4. Brooklyn is saying “momma” so much right now. I love to hear her little voice call out my name. It warms my heart.

5. She’s curious.

6. We got to meet Lesley for lunch.

7. B did so good at the restaurant.

8. Lesley and I got to have some good conversation.

9. She has big plans ahead of her.

10. Her testimony is going to touch the hearts of so many.

11. We got to go see Gunnar play flag football.

12. Gunnar made 3 touchdowns!

13. The girls can play flag football! I totally wish they would have had that when I was a kid. I would have dominated.

14. Brooklyn enjoyed watching the football game.

15. She loves being outdoors.

16. We all 3 took a good afternoon nap.

17. Jared watched part of a chick flick with me.

18. Jared doesn’t mind watching chick flicks with me. Ssh. Don’t tell.

19. We found out some really exciting news from a friend today! So excited!

20. We got to spend time with our good friend Julie who is in town from California.

21. We celebrated her 30th bday with her!

22. Her parents let us all crash their house for the get together.

23. Her dad made some yummy panini’s.

24. We had some good conversation.

25. Brooklyn hit it off with Julie’s mom.

26. B did so good at their house.

27. We got to play one of our favorite games, Ticket to Ride.

28. Good friendships, no matter how far we live from each other.



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