~ Day Fifty Five

My 27 Thanks~

1. Brooklyn shared her breakfast Cheerios with me.

2. We got to cuddle when we woke up.

3. We got to watch cartoons.

4. We ate breakfast in bed.

5. I had a sweet person give me nice comments on my blog.

6. My step sister, Julie, checked up on us today.

7. She was a big help when we were sick.

8. Brooklyn likes to help me with laundry. Let’s hope that carries over into her teenage years.

9. I got some laundry done.

10. Jared had a good lunch meeting.

11. He was able to spend the afternoon with us today.

12. We got to go to the fair!!

13. My dad got us in for free.

14. We found a good parking spot.

15. We got a coupon book to make things cheaper.

16. We had lemonade!!

17. It was Buy One, Get One! Nothing is ever BOGO at the fair.

18. Brooklyn got a sheriffs badge from granddad.

19. We got a free corn dog!

20. We got a free drink!

21. Brooklyn had fun watching the fair rides.

22. We had the energy to walk around.

23. We found a nice table to sit down and catch our breath.

24. We had some yummy spiral chips.

25. We got to people watch. The fair is always a fun place to do that 😉

26. Brooklyn and I got to share a caramel apple.

27. I love spending time at the fair with my family!



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