~ Day Fifty Four

My 28 Thanks~

1. I was able to go back to work.

2. Brooklyn got to ride the carousel.

3. Brooklyn got to hang with meme today.

4. I got some good work done.

5. We have a great new series starting on Sunday.

6. Pastor and I brainstormed some good topics.

7. Jared had a good meeting.

8. God is bringing Jared’s clients.

9. Parole found the prop he is needing for Sunday.

10. I got B’s cute Kelly’s Kids clothes in the mail.

11. She’s gonna rock her new clothes.

12. We got to support my BF in her new business.

13. I had time to shop for some gifts.

14. I was able to design an insert quicker than expected.

15. Water tastes good right now.

16. B had a good time with meme at the mall.

17. She got some cute Toms.

18. They were on sale.

19. We got to eat at Cracker Barrel.

20. We ran into the McCabes. They are such sweet people.

21. B played guitar with daddy.

22. I love it when B loves on Frisco.

23. We 3 had fun sitting in the rockers outside of CB.

24. Brooklyn ate a really good dinner.

25. She loves breakfast food.

26. I didn’t have to cook.

27. I didn’t have to wash dirty dishes.

28. Apple Butter.



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