~ Day Fifty Three

My 27 Thanks~

1. My favorite TV shows are back in gear.

2. I got to eat a hamburger for dinner. I’ve been craving a hamburger for a couple of days.

3. Jared got some good meetings setup.

4. Brooklyn seems to be back to feeling normal.

5. She slept 13hrs.

6. My tall glass of sweet tea.

7. Jared and I like to watch the same TV shows.

8. Brooklyn likes to play guitar with her daddy.

9. Brooklyn got to ride in her wagon.

10. We took a nice nap together.

11. It’s our last day of being contagious!

12. I beat Jared at cards. What’s new though 😉

13. I got to talk to my dad today.

14. B gets to spend the night with them soon.

15. B and I made a tent.

16. She loves tents. Can’t wait to take her camping.

17. The smile on her face when we are hiding in the tent.

18. The way she whispers in her tent like she’s telling me a secret but I really have no clue as to what she is really saying.

19. She loves to play chase.

20. Her squeals when I’m chasing her.

21. She’s ticklish.

22. She says “pease” for the word “please”.

23. Jared got me a surprise! I’ve always been really good at guessing my surprises and I think I’m right again on this surprise. We shall see 😉

24. John Mayers music.

25. Acorns. They are usually annoying but I’ve found some great ones in my yard for decor purposes.

26. My blog because it reminds me daily to be thankful and how blessed I am.

27. Jared loves me and my wacky ways.



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