~ Day Fifty One

My 27 Thanks ~

1. I feel so much better tonight!!

2. I got some fresh air.

3. Jared and I were able to get out to grab some food.

4. We got to relax with some good movies.

5. We got to FaceTime with B several times.

6. B is coming home tomorrow!!!!

7. B is feeling so much better today.

8. She got to play in a fun tent.

9. I was able to eat a yummy sandwich.

10. We hopefully killed off all germs with Lysol.

11. Lysol.

12. Windows to let the sunshine in.

13. Ginger made us homemade chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes! Yummy!

14. She brought it to our house and brightened our day.

15. It was so yummy!

16. Ginger is so thoughtful.

17. I have sweet people surrounding me.

18. I got to watch the rangers play one last game this season.

19. Jay Leno did funny newspaper article segments. I love it when he does those.

20. We got our filthy germ infested clothes into the washer.

21. Our washer has a sanitizing setting. So good for us in this circumstance.

22. Jared made a pallet on the floor.

23. Frisco got his fur combed.

24. We are on the uphill!

25. My life is slowly returning back to normal.

26. My mom is feeling good.

27. I am blessed and highly favored.



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