~ Day Forty Nine

My 27 Thanks~

1. Jared is feeling better today.

2. Brooklyn is such a brave girl.

3. She is trying to be strong while she is sick.

4. Meme and papa are taking good care of her.

5. The sunshine is nice coming through the window.

6. Frisco likes being outside.

7. The weather is great for him to be outside right now.

8. I sat outside for a couple of minutes to breath in some fresh air.

9. Brooklyn is still able to play despite being sick.

10. Jada, meme’s dog, gets along great with B.

11. Jared gave me a nice foot rub.

12. I was able to eat more than crackers and soup.

13. Ice cold water.

14. My fever broke again this morning.

15. Frisco has been such a good cuddle dog.

16. My moms friend, Mynette.

17. She is taking care of mom for me.

18. Popsicles.

19. Frozen snicker bars

20. My friend Lindsay had a nice baby shower.

21. They are having their first baby soon!

22. Jared’s a good caretaker.

23. He’s such a hard worker.

24. The fair is still here! I’m really hoping we will be able to get over this stuff soon so we can go!

25. My dad got us free tickets to go!

26. Jared’s head rubs.

27. Even though we are sick, we have been able to spend some time together 🙂



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