~ Day Fifty

My 28 Thanks ~

1. Today was a great day at Harvest Church!

2. We had close to 20 people baptized!

3. We had 23 people become members.

4. Jared and I were able to watch the service from our iPhones on the couch.

5. We had some great kids baptized.

6. We had some awesome youth baptized.

7. Pastor baptized a couple at the same time. It was a really neat moment.

8. Rita and Ryan were baptized together. They are a great family with a great testimony.

9. Keil and Ginger were baptized. I teared up when I watched them.

10. We had some great people become new members. So thankful for them.

11. Harvest church is make a great impact on the community.

12. People want to be a part of Harvest Church.

13. Lives are being changed through Jesus Christ!

14. Our people are so loving.

15. We have great leadership in the church.

16. We have great volunteers who give selflessly of themselves.

17. The media team is always helpful to cover for me when I can’t be there.

18. Rangers won today!!! We get to play for the Wild Card!

19. The Angels lost. Yes. I’m thankful they are losers.

20. Cowboys are playing today to keep us occupied while we slump on the couch.

21. I’ve lost weight. The one thing good about the flu 😉

22. Jared still makes me laugh even when he’s sick.

23. My father in law brought us crackers and 7up.

24. We have a comfy couch.

25. I figured out what B is going to be for Halloween and Trunk or Treat! So fun!

26. Brooklyn.

27. Jared.

28. Frisco



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