~ Day Forty Eight

So I’m a couple days behind on my blog but when you are sick with the flu you just can’t so much of anything. So in the next few days I’m going to make an attempt to make up for lost time. I can guarantee I will still be behind. So forgive my tardiness and say a prayer for my family. We are all sick.

P.S… It may seem generic on some of my thanks but I truly am thankful for these things and my brain is working in one word operation right now. It’s funny how I take for granted the simple things until I get sick. I’m just glad my fingers are working right now.

My 28 Days~

1. Doctors.

2. Pain meds

3. Antibiotics

4. 7Up

5. My mom is feeling a little better. Just in time to help take care of our sick behinds.

6. Lotion Plus Kleenex

7. Heating pads.

8. Warm blankets.

9. DVR

10. Friends with hook ups to get us into the doc quicker.

11. Jared’s parents who take care of B when we are sick.

12. B seems like she is coming down with sickness. But we believe God is in control and He can heal her.

13. Oatmeal.

14. My cuddly pup.

15. Warm water.

16. Prayers from friends.

17. Prayers from family.

18. There is an end in sight to the sickness.

19. Awesome church volunteers who cover my spot when I’m out sick.

20. I am healed in Jesus name.

21. I got to spend time with my mom this week.

22. It’s the weekend!

23. B has a good time with Meme even when she is sick.

24. I am made whole and complete.

25. My pj pants are comfy.

26. My comfy pillow.

27. Jared and I make a good team.

28. Sweet sweet sleep.



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